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December 22, 2008 on 2:00 am | In Humiliation | No Comments

humiliation pov movie

I was updating Humiliation POV and I had a good laugh as I was adding the latest video so I turned on my webcam and made a video with a message for you, the one who is watching this!

You probably spend your whole fucking day and night on the computer wanking off your little cock. And not only that but you do it to my website! You are a fucking pathetic loser! You really have no life and that’s great for me because it means that you are always at my website sniffing my little feet!

Go ahead stare at my hot tits and imagine you could touch them but you can’t! You are not getting anywhere near me. See what’s under my skirt? My hot ass! And you won’t be getting anywhere near this!

Do you smell my pussy? Come on smell it you fucking ugly bitch! Sniff it slut! You are a dirty little masturbator!

In case you don’t already know this you are a member of humiliation pov for life!

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JOIN HUMILIATION POV! If you are reading this and you are not a member you know what to do!

Bodystocking Tease Financial Dom

December 19, 2008 on 3:11 pm | In Financial Domination, Tease Denial | No Comments

humiliation pov movie

I was feeling sexy so I decided to tease the hell out of your loser dick with my hot lace bodystocking. I wiggle around and pose for you to make your dick hard and then tell you I will not allow you to cum until I say so! Your orgasm belongs to me now bitch!

At the end of the video I decide to take mercy and allow you to cum but not unless you say exactly what I want while you are spraying your little penis all over yourself! You must repeat and obey this spooger mantra and say it out loud every time you cum!

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JOIN HUMILIATION POV! Hand over your paycheck to a deserving Goddess!

Small Penis Comparison

December 11, 2008 on 5:18 pm | In Small Penis Humiliation | No Comments

humiliation pov movie

Do you see this big cock you tiny dick slut? Your cock is tiny compared with this real man dick! You have a tiny little nub compared with this big stud! You should be ashamed of you tiny loser penis.

Take a look at a real man’s cock loser! You are such a worthless bitch excuse for a man!

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JOIN HUMILIATION POV! Imagine you have a big cock loser!

Gay Training Assignment

November 25, 2008 on 8:07 pm | In Forced Bi | No Comments

humiliation pov movieYou are so close to being the fag sissy I want you to be, down on your knees sucking cock like a good slut. You have to complete this forced bi assignment to further your training as a gay cock sucker. I want you to visit this gay website I’m showing you called big cock browsing. I want you to jerk your little cock while watching the big cocks on this website. There is a place to rate the big cocks and you will do this according to how much it makes you want to suck them down your throat!

Listen to the sound of my voice. You are going to jerk off to gay porn and you will love it. You love to suck cock and get fucked in your pussy hole!

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JOIN HUMILIATION POV! Get to it fag boy!

Street Denial

November 21, 2008 on 2:08 pm | In Humiliation | No Comments

humiliation pov movieHave you ever been walking down the street and you tried to hit on some hot stranger you saw but she totally shut you down and said NO!!! Well that’s what happens in this video. You can try to hit on me and get me to go on a date with you but its just not happening and I’m about to tell you in front of tons of people on the city streets!

NO WAY LOSER! I would never even spit in your direction let alone go on a date with you! Go away bitch! Have fun with your lonely hand party dumbass!

join humiliation pov

No bitch!

Forced Intoxication

November 17, 2008 on 5:36 pm | In Forced Intoxication | No Comments

humiliation pov movieUm like I know we don’t know each other that well because you’re just in my math class but I figured hey! Why not have a drink with you? Let’s see if you can take these shots down like a real man!

Now that I’ve given you 5 shots I can let the real truth out. Actually the real truth is that I think you are a total loser and you suck sober. I only have you over to drink with me because I’d like whatever cash is in your wallet and you are going to give it to me bitch!

Now fork it over so I can hit the club with my girlfriends. Get out you drunk loser!

join humiliation pov

I will tell you when to cum!

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