panty trance

March 29, 2009 on 7:56 pm | In pantyboy | No Comments

glory hole cock sucker

i know your dirty little secret. you secretly love to wear women’s panties! you are jealous of my frilly lace lingerie, I know it!

i am going to put you into a panty trance. you will listen and do what i say. you love to wear women’s panties. you just love the soft feel against your cock and balls.

these are my panties right here. you love to wear my panties. you are going to buy my panties and put them on then watch this video. you really love wearing my panties!


Nyla and Vittoria Humiliate pantyboy

March 22, 2009 on 11:30 pm | In sissy | No Comments

lick your cum from dog bowl

We know you like to dress up in girly clothes sissy! What a loser! You like to wear these frilly panties even though your hairy nuts stick out. EW! Listen up pantyboy! We know your secret and we’re going to blackmail you if you want us to keep it. So send us the cash!

tour humiliation pov

panties under your suit

March 9, 2009 on 2:05 pm | In pantyboy, sissy | No Comments

bang your ass for me

I am glad to see you are dressed up in your suit ready to go to work and make your Goddess money but there is something missing. Now get your ass back over to me so I can correct your mistake. You MUST be wearing panties under your suit every day!

Don’t try to go to work without panties under your suit! That’s not what a pantyboy is allowed to do.

I am going to slide off my panties and put them on your little panty ass! Now you are ready to go to work and make me lots of money. You know your Princess deserves all your cash! I demand it loser.

join humiliation pov

JOIN HUMILIATION POV! you must wear panties under your clothes every day!

Sissy Blackmail

August 9, 2008 on 10:23 am | In Blackmail | No Comments

humiliation pov moviePut on these slutty pink panties and show me what a whore I know you are! You are so dirty! Don’t act like you’ve never had something up your whore ass before! This is a smaller than average male cock and you’re being shy like a little schoolgirl when you’re really a dirty anal whore! Take these clothes off. How about a tiny white miniskirt this time. Now here is what you will do for me if you want to see my hot panty tease video. I might even show you my tits if you do what I ask. Take pictures of yourself in your whorish little panties and send them to me! I want evidence. I’m going to hold on to that evidence so that after I send you my panty tease video and you realize what a dumbass you are I can make you tribute me whenever I want! Unless of course you want everyone to see your slutty panty pictures! I’m going to blackmail you with your own sissy pantyboy pictures!

join humiliation pov

I am going to make you dress up!

Pantyboy Humiliation

March 5, 2008 on 12:46 pm | In Humiliation | No Comments

We totally know your secret loser! Yes you know what we’re talking about! You are a sissy pink pantyboy! We can’t help but to laugh in your face! What a fucking little pathetic pantyboy! You like to sit home alone and slide on these girly panties like the ones we’re wearing now. Only we’re girls and we look super hot in our panties. You’re a pathetic man all dressed up in girls panties.

What a sissy boy! Not only that but then you jerk off wearing those pretty pink panties! We bet you even stole those panties from one of your girlfriends so you could put on her panties and masturbate! We know you’re jerking off in your panties right now, loser!

We bet you even have a favorite kind of panties to wear. What is it, the full back satin panties? Or maybe the lace panties that are so girly. Or could you be a thong man? See why we laugh at you loser pantyboy? Pathetic panty wearing pussy bitch boy! These pink panties might fit you because you have a pathetic worthless tiny cock! So kiss our panty ass and go jerk off in your panties pantyboy!

JOIN NOW! You need this. Bratty spoiled girls humiliating YOU!

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