glory hole cock sucker

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glory hole cock sucker

now here you are at the dirty cum soaked glory hole ready to suck some anonymous cock for your Princess!

humiliation pov

any minute now you a guy is going to walk through that door and he will expect a good blowjob. so do it live you’ve been taught! please this cock!

lick the head and suck the whole dick down you’re throat. i’m going to jerk it off into your face!

now make him cum! then you will lick up every last drop and swallow it!

blowjob lesson by pornstar pepper foxxx

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stroke your cock sniff My stockingsyes i do look familiar and that’s because you’ve seen me in your favorite movies. I’m pornstar Pepper Foxxx and I know how to get a man off! I’m such an expert people want to see me do it close up on camera.

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Since you can’t get a girl on your own you should just give up and be what you truly are. a cock sucker. Who better to teach you how to suck dick than a famous pornstar?
lick your lips and get ready to learn how to get a real man’s cock off using all you’ve got. follow my blowjob instructions and you will be sucking off tons of men in no time.

Gay Porn Humiliation

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cum eating instruction

Listen to the sound of my voice, cock sucker. I want you to visit my forced bi femdom website to find a hot selection of gay porn to browse. You are going to visit this website every day and jerk your dick while you think about sucking on a huge dick and getting cum drenched. Can you feel the dirty wet cum dribbling down your face?

You will jerk off to gay porn every single day. I am going to turn you gay and make you think about dick at every second. You love gay porn and you love to suck dick. You dream about taking a big cock deep in your ass.

I am going to turn you gay. Doesn’t take much!

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forced bi humiliation

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bang your ass for me

Get down on your knees and show me what a cock sucking whore you can be. Do you see this cock? This is his cock SOFT! That’s right I know it looks so big but it’s not even hard. That’s where you come in. I want you to suck his cock. Suck it and pleasure it.

Do you hear my real man telling you to suck his cock? You better do what he wants or you’re in trouble. Make his dick feel good, slut.

Get on your knees and look up at his cock just like this. Present your ugly face to my real man for your surprise. Now feel the rain of dirty sticky wet cum drench your face, loser!

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JOIN HUMILIATION POV! you are gay, loser

Lollipop Fag

January 22, 2009 on 1:27 pm | In Forced Bi, Small Penis Humiliation | No Comments

humiliation pov movie

Goddess Ashley is sick and tired of your pathetic limp loser dick and she has decided to do something about it. You’re about to find out what that is!

From now on Ashley will be bringing home real men to fuck. Not loser bitches like you, however, you still do serve a purpose for her. She is going to show you how to SUCK A COCK like the cock sucking whore you were born to be.

You will get Ashley’s real men hard by blowing their huge dicks. She doesn’t even want to wait for the guy to get hard so you will take care of that, sissy slut!

Watch and learn bitch! This is how to suck a dick. Don’t disappoint.

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JOIN HUMILIATION POV! Down your throat with it!

Gay Training Assignment

November 25, 2008 on 8:07 pm | In Forced Bi | No Comments

humiliation pov movieYou are so close to being the fag sissy I want you to be, down on your knees sucking cock like a good slut. You have to complete this forced bi assignment to further your training as a gay cock sucker. I want you to visit this gay website I’m showing you called big cock browsing. I want you to jerk your little cock while watching the big cocks on this website. There is a place to rate the big cocks and you will do this according to how much it makes you want to suck them down your throat!

Listen to the sound of my voice. You are going to jerk off to gay porn and you will love it. You love to suck cock and get fucked in your pussy hole!

join humiliation pov

JOIN HUMILIATION POV! Get to it fag boy!

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