panty trance

March 29, 2009 on 7:56 pm | In pantyboy | No Comments

glory hole cock sucker

i know your dirty little secret. you secretly love to wear women’s panties! you are jealous of my frilly lace lingerie, I know it!

i am going to put you into a panty trance. you will listen and do what i say. you love to wear women’s panties. you just love the soft feel against your cock and balls.

these are my panties right here. you love to wear my panties. you are going to buy my panties and put them on then watch this video. you really love wearing my panties!


panties under your suit

March 9, 2009 on 2:05 pm | In pantyboy, sissy | No Comments

bang your ass for me

I am glad to see you are dressed up in your suit ready to go to work and make your Goddess money but there is something missing. Now get your ass back over to me so I can correct your mistake. You MUST be wearing panties under your suit every day!

Don’t try to go to work without panties under your suit! That’s not what a pantyboy is allowed to do.

I am going to slide off my panties and put them on your little panty ass! Now you are ready to go to work and make me lots of money. You know your Princess deserves all your cash! I demand it loser.

join humiliation pov

JOIN HUMILIATION POV! you must wear panties under your clothes every day!


July 18, 2008 on 3:56 pm | In pantyboy | No Comments

humiliation pov movieMy girlfriends are out for the night so I decided to have some fun with just you, slut. Put on these panties for me and parade around. Show me what a slutty bitch you can be! No, I want you in this thong instead. Too bad your ugly balls hang out! Come on, strut around like a whore! I’m going to drop you off on the street corner where you can really be the hooker you know you are inside!

join humiliation pov

Don’t fight it whore. JOIN HUMILIATION POV!

Pantyboy POV

April 1, 2008 on 10:00 pm | In pantyboy | No Comments

pantyboy povI need to put you in something sexier you slutty little pantyboy! I am going to forced dress you in pretty pink panties and thigh highs!

You need me to slide off those man shorts you are wearing (leave those to the real men) so I can put you in some pink girly panties! Doesn’t it feel good when I slide them on your body? Feel how soft those full backed satin panties are? See how much better that looks on you, panty wearing whore?

I’m not done yet. Now you feel super sexy as I slide white thigh highs with lace over your legs! Such a pretty sissy boy! I love to laugh at my sissy pink pantyboy after I dress you up in panties and thigh highs!

join humiliation pov

JOIN HUMILIATION POV! Wear pink panties for the Goddesses! Yes we make you take pictures of yourself and post them in the forum! HAHHAHA!

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